Improve Outdoor Living in New Braunfels, TX This Spring

An improved outdoor living space expands your entertainment possibilities. With spring arriving soon, along with warmer temperatures, now is a perfect time to remodel your porch or other outdoor living area. These efforts feel like you are expanding your home, and are often less expensive projects than remodeling. Here are six additions for optimal outdoor living in New Braunfels, TX:

  • Fire pits: In-ground and above-ground fire pits liven up outdoor living spaces. They add atmosphere and bring the camp experience closer to you when you socialize or decide to roast marshmallows with the kids. Fire pits are versatile and it is fairly easy to find a spot for them in any outdoor living space. Once you install them, you can plan other features to center around them.
  • Pavilion: It is unlikely you will ever eat outside during a thunderstorm, but even a light rain can also ruin that experience. In the summer, your outdoor space is more likely to become uninviting due to the sun beating down on you. Pavilions offer shade from the sun and protection from precipitation. When you have shelter over your porch, it expands its possibilities. Add a fire pit under a pavilion and the heat is better contained for cozy nights.
  • Screened-in porches: Spring is a time for insects. Just like hot sun and rain can make the outdoor experience intolerable, so can flying bugs. Citronella and fire pits can only go so far, so consider screening in your porch. You will enjoy the fresh air without inviting the insects to join you.
  • Make corners useful: Odd-shaped decks and outdoor spaces challenge many homeowners who have dreams for better designs. However, even these spaces offer potential. Use the corners for fireplaces, shelving and even water features to make your outdoor living space especially unique. Also, if you have guests who are sensitive to cooler night breezes, sitting near a corner fire place helps them warm up better than if they are near fires that are more centrally located.
  • Consider walls: If there is one spot in your space that is vulnerable to the slightest adverse weather condition, consider putting a wall there to block it. Customers also discover that these developments make it impossible to light barbecue grills or fire pits. You can close off one angle to your space and leave the rest of it open to allow the best combination of air and light without unpleasant conditions.
  • Expand location horizons: Many customers feel an outdoor living space is impossible because they do not have a patio or deck. Never fear! You can create outdoor living spaces in the center of your yard and add to the effect with decorative vegetation. Pavers carve out great spaces, and if you want walls or a shelter, those can easily be added, too. You may even decide the best spot for a fire pit is not on your porch, but near your favorite garden. Be flexible and the possibilities are endless!

To design and build the perfect space for outdoor living in New Braunfels, TX before spring starts, call Timber Construction, LLC to schedule an estimate.

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