Is a Frameless Shower in New Braunfels, TX Right for You?

Bathroom renovations are among the most common home remodeling projects out there, and they continue to be a top priority for many homeowners year after year. It’s a fact that bathrooms have it rough: fixtures rust, caulking deteriorates, flooring becomes damaged with constant wear and tear and wallpaper and paint start to flake off after years of exposure to moisture. Plus, bathrooms tend to go out of date as newer, better features become available.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, congratulations! You’ll love your bathroom so much more after it’s all complete. While you’re planning all the details, don’t forget to carefully consider one of the most important parts of any bathroom: the shower.

What type of shower is best?

We can’t tell you what type of shower is right for you, but we can tell you one thing for sure: the popularity of the frameless shower in New Braunfels, TX continues to rise. At Timber Construction, LLC, we are masters at creating beautiful frameless showers and walk-in showers that will completely transform your bathroom. We’ll take you from outdated and dull to modern, so you can finally enjoy a space that’s both practical and luxurious.

What’s the difference between framed and frameless shower doors?

Framed shower doors—the older, more traditional shower door option—are made of a thin sheet of glass. This glass is typically not very strong, and thus needs to be supported by a metal frame. The more modern option, the frameless shower door, is quite strong on its own. It is typically made from tempered, polished safety glass, which is much more durable than the glass you’ll find in a framed shower door. Additionally, you’ll notice the difference in strength when you open and shut a framed and frameless shower door. The framed door will frequently wobble and shake when opened, whereas a frameless door will not, as it is much stronger. As a result, investing in a frameless shower in New Braunfels, TX means a more secure entryway to your enclosed or walk-in shower.

What’s so great about a frameless shower door?

Picture your newly remodeled bathroom. The lights, fixtures, flooring and walls all look gorgeous. Now, turn your attention to the shower. If you see a plain, thin, framed shower door, you’re limiting yourself. Re-imagine that same space with a modern, stylish frameless shower door or walk-in shower design. The space seems classier and larger, doesn’t it? Modern shower options offer superior aesthetics and luxury to a bathroom, which in turn will increase the value of your home.

Plus, a frameless shower in New Braunfels, TX will last much longer than a framed shower, and it is much easier to clean. Just keep a rubber squeegee on hand, and your shower door will stay like new for years to come.

If you’re ready to help your bathroom live up to its modern, luxurious potential, give Timber Construction, LLC a call. We’ll install your frameless or walk-in shower system right away so you can start enjoying your bathroom again.

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