Kitchen Remodeling for Entertaining: Tips from a Home Remodeling Contractor in Seguin, TX

Nothing puts a damper on entertaining for dinner parties like a kitchen that just doesn’t have enough functionality or space. The kitchen really is the heart of the home, and a bad kitchen can have a debilitating effect on your parties and dinners.

This is why so many people make kitchen remodeling a priority. Not only does a kitchen remodel in Seguin, TX make the space much more usable, but it also adds a tremendous amount of value to your home. No matter what type of style you’re looking for, the improved functionality of a newly upgraded kitchen is wonderful to have.

Here are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your kitchen remodel with a home remodeling contractor in Seguin, TX:

  • Flow of traffic: You should have a traffic flow in the kitchen that allows a cook to easily move around the space without a guest or family member being in the way. A cook should be able to get food from the fridge, move to the sink and then move to the range all without being impeded. These cooking and cleanup areas should all be connected, because these are the areas that cooks move between the most.
  • Counters: When it comes to counter space for preparation and entertaining, more space is always better. Additional counter space can help improve traffic flow. For example, you should always make sure there’s sufficient counter space between appliances. Adding a kitchen island or more countertop space can help you instantly increase your kitchen’s functionality. Recommended height between cabinets and countertops is 18”, but if you have larger appliances you may need to consider some custom fittings.
  • Electrical needs: Proper lighting and sufficient outlets will help you stay safe and efficient while using the kitchen. With regard to outlets, consider the number of electrical appliances you use on a regular basis, and whether you always keep them on the countertops. The way you lay out the outlets will have a big impact on your ability to use the kitchen without hassles.
  • Appliances: Speaking of appliances, you should always consider the kinds of large appliances you have and whether they will be built into counter space or in their own areas. Make sure there is enough space surrounding these appliances to prep food and display it once you’re done cooking it.
  • Organization: Almost every kitchen could use better or more storage and organization space, especially if you have an open-concept home and kitchen area. You might consider adding more cabinets, or even a pantry. Consider how much you need (and want) when it comes to display cabinetry as well. If you have problems keeping your current spaces organized, you might benefit from having more space to work with.

These are just a few of the factors you should keep in mind when planning out your new kitchen remodel in Seguin, TX. For more information and tips before you get started, contact a local home remodeling contractor today.

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