Kitchen Trends for 2018

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. It serves a whole host of functions, from being the place where you cook your meals to being a gathering area for your friends and family. While you of course want your kitchen to have maximum efficiency and functionality, it’s also a great showpiece for your home. When it has an updated, appealing design, it can greatly improve your home’s attractiveness and overall value.

Here are a few of the kitchen trends we’re seeing in 2018 that you should consider when pursuing home renovation in Seguin, TX.

Kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important elements to consider when trying to update the look and functionality of your kitchen. In 2018, when it comes to kitchen cabinet installation in Seguin, TX, we’re seeing an emphasis on maximizing storage while also adding some pops of color into design schemes.

Kitchen islands are especially big right now. They increase the usable surface area in the kitchen while also adding extra storage for kitchen tools. To make an extra-big design impact with your island, you might consider creating it in a color that will stand out from the rest of your cabinets.

We’re also seeing more and more unique, bold color palettes in kitchens, particularly with how cabinets are painted or stained. While gray and white will continue to be popular in kitchens, we will continue to see more and more use of bold, colorful accents to help brighten up kitchens and make them feel more inviting.


Speaking of colors, expect to see some shifting trends in which colors are most popular in kitchens. “Greige” has been the popular color palette of choice over the last decade or so, and white-dominated kitchens continue to be extremely popular on a lot of home makeover shows you see on television. However, we’re starting to notice more homeowners opting for deep blue and purple hues in 2018, which is a big shift away from a lot of the sterile colors that have been used widely in recent years.


Hardwood flooring has historically been the top choice for people who are remodeling their kitchen floors, but we’re also seeing a big rise in ceramic tile. Ceramic is extremely versatile, and it even comes in woodgrain textures to give you a hardwood appearance with ceramic functionality. Ceramic tiles come in a vast range of patterns, colors, finishes and sizes, so you can get the appearance you want for your kitchen.


Granite countertops in Seguin, TX continue to be popular, but we’re seeing a big rise in the popularity of quartz as well. Quartz does not require nearly as much maintenance as granite, and is also quite a bit less expensive. It also comes in a wide range of patterns and colors.

Simple layouts

Cluttered designs are a thing of the past when it comes to kitchen layouts. Today’s trendy kitchens have open-space designs that emphasize functionality over all else. Even the smallest kitchens can feel open and modern if laid out properly.

For more information about the latest trends in kitchen remodeling, contact Timber Construction, LLC and we’ll tell you more about home renovation in Seguin, TX.

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