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Is your home everything you envisioned it to be? Are you getting full use out of every square foot? Has it been upgraded or enhanced since you bought it all those years ago?
You might not realize it, but your home is full of potential. It’s just waiting for you to take the next step to modernize that bathroom or finish that basement, or even transform that extra bedroom into an office. All it takes is a little vision and some help from Timber Construction LLC! As the premier home remodeling contractor in Seguin, TX, we’re ready to help make your home everything you want it to be and more.

Our expertise regarding home upgrades and renovations spans the gamut, from your basement to your roof, indoors and out. For decades we’ve helped homeowners step back and look at their homes with new eyes, transforming spaces from mundane into magical! Some of the projects we’re frequently engaged for include:

Home Additions

Welcoming a new member of the family? Need to push the walls out to accommodate your living needs better? No matter the reason for a home addition, we’re here to help. No matter the size or nature of the addition, trust us to build it flawlessly.

Home Theaters

Transform your favorite room into your very own home theater.  Every home theater we build is custom designed to your specifications and with our expert guidance.

Improvement Projects

Homes age and need to be upgraded to stay functional and accommodating. We can help you upgrade and modernize those facets of your homes falling behind the times, including when it comes to fixtures, lighting and amenities.

Bathrooms and kitchens

The most popular types of home renovation in Seguin, TX are bathrooms and kitchens. We’re your experts when it comes to these spaces and can provide you with truly transformative results that improve your quality of life and the value of your home.

Detached Garages

If your garage is just a place to park your car and store your lawn equipment, consider letting our experts introduce you to a new garage upgrade! We’ll make this space an extension of your home and give you a place that’s truly versatile.

Even beyond the above capabilities, we’re ready to assist you in transforming any part of your home, to add value, versatility and beauty to the place where you live. For more information about our capabilities or to consult with one of our experts today, please call 210-849-1451.

Your Window Experts

As experienced home builders with years under our belts, we’re familiar with exactly how important good windows are for a home. Let us introduce you to new windows that add appeal and value to yours. Contact Timber Construction and Remodeling today at 210-849-1451 to inquire about different window options and price points, as well as installation services.

Your home’s windows are its biggest contributors to efficiency and comfort. If your windows are old and inefficient or hard to operate, it’s time to start thinking about making the investment in new ones. Eliminating your old drafty windows could lower your heating and cooling costs and improve the everyday comfort of your living space.

Timber Construction and Remodeling is ready to provide you with access to new energy efficient windows in Seguin, TX. We’ll give you a clear view of the outside world around you, along with the peace of mind that comes with energy efficiency and durability.

Window Upgrades

If your home is older than a couple of decades, there’s a chance your windows are ill-equipped to offer you optimal performance. Single-pane glass doesn’t have the insulative properties that dual pane windows in Seguin, TX do, meaning your energy bills could be much higher than they need to be. Likewise, in the event of a storm, your glass may be vulnerable to blowing debris.

Damaged windows marring the appeal of your home? We can provide a swift replacement to restore the appeal of your home and the integrity of your windows. We have the ability to match window styles elsewhere on your home to provide a full replacement that fits perfectly with your existing models.

Talk to us about window upgrades and learn more about all of the modern options available to you! From low-e argon gas insulated panes, to double hung storm windows and more, we’ll help you determine the ideal windows for your home and budget. Then, we’ll make sure they’re installed perfectly!

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